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Born and bred in the northwest of England, Natalie is an award-winning filmmaker who splits her time between the North and London. Her debut short film 'Today is a Good Day (2018)' and follow up shorts '#brunch (2019)' and 'Road Trip (2022)' are all award-winning films and have screened at over 50 international film festivals, including BAFTA & BIFA qualifying festivals. 'The Eagle's Gift' is her latest live-action film, which is currently on the '23/'24 festival circuit. 

With nearly a decade of working for Film & TV companies, including Amazon Studios, Warner Bros., and Marvel Studios, Natalie specialises in postproduction and has been honing her craft as a writer / director over the past six years - having produced seven short films. With every film, Natalie seeks to challenge herself, to grow as a filmmaker - experimenting with camera techniques, shooting formats, her approach to screenwriting, and all aspects of postproduction; while all of her films retain common ground of telling raw and honest human stories that resonate with global audiences.

During this time, Natalie has been writing feature screenplays. She's currently writing a historical WW1 drama based on a true story, a present day supernatural horror, and has three features at treatment stage.


WINNER - 32nd Raindance's 'Summer Lovin' Short Film Competition 2024

WINNER 'Best Editing' - Toronto International Women's Film Festival 2023

WINNER 'Best of the Fest' - North East International Film Festival 2022

WINNER 'Robin Hood Prize for Outstanding Short' - Nottingham International Film Festival 2022

WINNER 'Best Film' - LA1 Shorts 2022

WINNER 'Best British Film' - Soho London Independent Film Festival 2022

WINNER 'Best Film' - TMFF 2022

WINNER 'Best Screenwriter' - TMFF 2022

WINNER 'Award of Excellence - Special Mention' - Accolade Global Film Competition 2022

WINNER 'Best Film' - Falcon International Film Festival 2022

WINNER 'Best Twist' - Independent Horror Movie Awards 2019

WINNER 'Best Director' - Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2019

WINNER 'Best Cinematography' - European Cinematography Awards 2018

NOMINEE 'Best Short' - Toronto Indie Shorts 2023

NOMINEE 'XX Award' - Underwire 2022

NOMINEE 'The Die Edda Award' - 36th Braunschweig International Film Festival 2022

NOMINEE 'Best Story' - HB Film Festival 2022

NOMINEE 'Best Comedy' - Crystal Palace International FilmFestival 2022

NOMINEE 'Best Special Effects' - Independent Horror Movie Awards 2019

FINALIST ‘Short Film Competition’ - The Visionary Arts Awards 2023

FINALIST 'Best Film' - Warner Bros. Short Film Competition 2019

SEMI-FINALIST 'Best Short Film' - The People's Film Festival 2019

SEMI-FINALIST 'Best Film' - Directed by Women NYC Shorts of all Sorts 2019

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