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Hello, I'm Natalie. Born and bred in North West England, I graduated with a Masters in Film Production and a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production & Technology.​ During university, I got my first job in the television/media sector as Floor Manager at Goodison Park Football Stadium for The Premier League. This, and amongst my other university projects, opened my eyes to the world of filmmaking and discovered my passion for what goes on behind the scenes.

Since graduating, I've moved to London and have worked for various Film & TV companies including Amazon Studios, Warner Bros., and Marvel Studios. It was at Warner Bros where I started writing and directing short films. Armed with a strong understanding of camera and postproduction, I continue to experiment and challenge myself in both my writing and directing. My debut short film 'Today is a Good Day (2018)' and follow up '#brunch (2019)' are award winning films and screened at over 20 international film festivals. My third short film, 'Road Trip', is currently on the 2022/23 film festival circuit, so far winning 13 awards and 8 nominations, including BAFTA and BIFA qualifying festivals. 'The Eagle's Gift' is my latest film, which is in postproduction.

During this time, I have also been writing feature screenplays. I'm currently writing a historical drama set during WW1, and a present day supernatural horror. 

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